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Relationship videos

  Relationships In General

This video addresses some of the things we forget to think about in regards to our everyday relationships, with siblings, parents, children, friends. This is a free video that you can watch, it’s included with the package, as well as the handout for it.  

 Have I met the “Right One”?

This video asks you many key questions, to determine compatibility, and how long the relationship might last. For instance, how long have you dated for, where did you meet? Do you share the same religious outlook?

  What Type Of Relationship Are You In?

 This video describes the three major types of relationships, Karmic, Soulmate, and Twin Flame. It describes things for you to look at in your relationship, which will help you understand the dynamics of it, and the reason behind success or failure. 

The Committed Relationship-

Moving In This video speaks to whether or not you’re both ready to be taking the next step, aome of the things that will come up once you’ve made that decision, and what you need to be doing to make sure you succeed and don’t fail in your commitments. 

Self-Care and Freedom In A Relationship

This video talks about not losing your own identity once you start becoming a “couple”. It tells you the things you each need to continue doing so you don’t lose your sense of self, and are able to continue nurturing the relationship the other person, and you!  

Becoming New Parents

 Once children arrive, the entire dynamics of the relationship change. It’s not just two people loving each other and struggling through, you now both have a new responsibility! This video gives you help and ideas to try and keep the romance alive once you have a newborn, or your partner already has children from a previous relationship. 

 Moving On After Loss- Divorce Or Death

Many people get “stuck” in life, and dwell in the negative aspects of either a divorce, or the death of a partner. They sink into despair and forget that they are on a journey that doesn’t end just because of what seems to be a tragic event. This video will help you rediscover life for yourself after either of these occurances. 

  Signs of Trouble- Red Flags

People that are being dis-trustful, and or cheating, have certain “tells” that give them away. For the average honest person, it can be difficult to read the signals. This video gives you things to watch for if you think you partner may be cheating on you, or hiding something from you!   

   Love & Sex, Two Different Things

 This video goes a little more in depth, as to what transpires in a relationship, when you are having sex. As much as it is the glue that will hold things together, many things can transpire, like illness, lack of desire, or whether or not you’re compatible to begin with! It also talks about how men and women look at sex differently, before and after you’re in a relationship.

 Aging & Retiring

 Many people are ill prepared for the time they retire. Age seems to sneak up on us all, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t be in a thriving relationship! This video talks about things to help smooth out the transition! It also gives you some tips to prepare now for the inevitable!  

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