Connecting you to Loved ones on the "Other Side"

June Edward "The Massachusetts Medium"

June Edward "The Massachusetts Medium"

June Edward "The Massachusetts Medium"June Edward "The Massachusetts Medium"June Edward "The Massachusetts Medium"

Connecting you to your loved ones on the other side

Psychic Medium- Keynote Event Speaker, Teacher, Author

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Halloween Event with June Edward


SAT 9-14-19

A Night On The Other Side

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

PA Club 137 Vineyard Ave Oak Bluffs, Ma 02557

Event Details

SAT 9-14-19

A Night On The Other Side

Have you ever wanted to talk to a loved one on the other side? To say good-bye one more time, or to get closure? June can bring that person ...

Event Details

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

PA Club 137 Vineyard Ave Oak Bluffs, Ma 02557

A Little about June


About June


June Edward has been psychic since a child; however she didn’t realize she was also a medium until later in life. Some of her gifts have been passed on, since her mother was also a medium. She also passed to the other side herself when she was 27 years old, and came back to this side by choice. She can offer firsthand experience that Life after Life does exist!  She has a 100% success rate in bringing through souls from the other side, to give closure and help loved ones heal on both sides. Her sold out group readings can help give insight as to what’s going on in your life, and help to see what the Universe has in store.

June’s special gifts include working directly with the Angels, Guides and departed Souls. Combined these tools have made her  a very strong and accurate psychic and trance medium, able to bring through validating details to prove the connection and messages from the other side.

June believes that her job as a psychic medium is not only to help those connect with their loved ones, and heal both sides, but to help encourage others to embrace this life, and be thankful for all the gifts they receive in their life every day!


Get a Handle on Life's Challenges!

June Edward, "The Massachusetts Medium", can offer you knowledge and advice that comes from loved ones and Guides on the other side, that you would not be able to access otherwise. I can help you gain a spiritual prospective and get answers to life and business situations with help from the other side!


What people are saying



The  details June knew about my loved ones and the information she channeled  from them to me was absolutely amazing an heart touching!  It was so  accurate true and tear jerking.  It definitely made me realize new  insight and courage to follow the path I'm on!   Thank you June for  allowing my loved ones to reach out to me and for me to feel their love  once again !!

  Darlene Musial 

Although I was skeptical.....  I was amazed!

"As  a self-proclaimed skeptic I never put much stock into the psychic  phenomena thing. However I was experiencing much anguish about some  issues in my life and a friend suggested I speak with June. Reluctantly I  did and was amazed at the insight she provided even though I  wasn't  very forthcoming with answers to her questions.  I would recommend  anyone with unanswered questions take the time to talk with her. She  helped me tremendously. "

Peter C


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