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June Edward Relationship Coach/Medium

June Edward Relationship Coach/Medium

June Edward Relationship Coach/MediumJune Edward Relationship Coach/MediumJune Edward Relationship Coach/Medium

Saving Relationships

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Psychic Medium- Keynote Event Speaker, Teacher, Author

Relationship Coach!

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Are you stuck in your relationship? Are you not sure if you should stay or go, or how you could ever fix it and be happy again? Using unconventional methods of coaching, and my abilities and gifts, I can help you have the relationship you deserve and desire! Click below to SIGN UP FOR THE WEBINAR AND A FREE PHONE CALL!


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Halloween Event with June Edward


SAT 9-14-19

A Night On The Other Side

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

PA Club 137 Vineyard Ave Oak Bluffs, Ma 02557

Event Details

SAT 9-14-19

A Night On The Other Side

Have you ever wanted to talk to a loved one on the other side? To say good-bye one more time, or to get closure? June can bring that person ...

Event Details

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

PA Club 137 Vineyard Ave Oak Bluffs, Ma 02557

A Little about June


About June


June Edward has been psychic since a child; however she didn’t realize she was also a medium until later in life. Some of her gifts have been passed on, since her mother was also a medium. She also passed to the other side herself when she was 27 years old, and came back to this side by choice. She can offer firsthand experience that Life after Life does exist!  She has a 100% success rate in bringing through souls from the other side, to give closure and help loved ones heal on both sides. Her sold out group readings can help give insight as to what’s going on in your life, and help to see what the Universe has in store.

June’s special gifts include working directly with the Angels, Guides and departed Souls. Combined these tools have made her  a very strong and accurate psychic and trance medium, able to bring through validating details to prove the connection and messages from the other side.

June believes that her job as a psychic medium is not only to help those connect with their loved ones, and heal both sides, but to help encourage others to embrace this life, and be thankful for all the gifts they receive in their life every day!


It's not too late to save your relationship!

 June Edward shares her knowledge and expertise behind her proven system to improve your relationship! This is NOT couples counseling! She works with one person to change the dynamics of the relationship!


What people are saying

  I decided to work with June because she seemed eager to help me with my situation and seemed to be genuinely concerned about what I was going through. She spent an hour with me on an initial fact finding call to determine how she could help me. Even though I felt that my situation was extremely severe and out of the ordinary, June put me at ease and told me anything is possible. Her program is extremely structured and she is always available for support when you have questions or feeling down
Don May 5, 2019
It was Destiny the day that I saw the opportunity to attend a session to learn about June Edward "The Massachusetts Medium"! I actually stayed in the session until the END, (if you knew me, ha-ha, I always leave early) and completed a request for a meeting immediately! I couldn't be more grateful for all the awesome things I am learning about myself, how to follow my path, dealing with my grief and the loss of my husband. I'm finding myself, my power, and most importantly - How to make this
Lori Decker-Harring Sep 24, 2019

June helped my marriage tremendously! I knew something was wrong and felt disconnected from my spouse but could not put my finger on the specific problem. I just felt like I was losing him but he was still "in it" on the surface. With her gifts of intuition and pychic abilities, she immediately provided insight into the current situation and was spot on! June provided possibilities and suggestions for getting what I wanted. I wanted our connection back! The results have been amazing!
Christine RI Feb 7, 2019

June is sincere and accurate on all levels. She does not invent information to inflate her expertise but rather allows the truth to flow through her. Coupled with her sense of humor and genuine concern for the well-being of her clients June walks you through understanding your reading from beginning to end. I was extremely pleased with her services and would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and clarity.
Karen V Jun 10, 2019

I had a great reading with June as part of the Relationship Coaching Program. I found the information to be very insightful, accurate and it has given me direction. I came away from the experience feeling better informed and with a newfound optimism. Each day that i am in the program makes me feel more focused and determined to fix myself and my relationship. Thank you , Robert “Hap” Hathaway
Hap Hathaway Oct 20, 2019

Working with June, she keeps me grounded. There has been a lot of stuff happening in my life, and she has helped me understand to what I need to do to get to where I need to be. Baby steps for sure! Her patience has been a blessing. I was lost and out there. She is available when I need her. THANK YOU JUNE!!!
Emma M Sep 13, 2019 


Hey June! I just want to again say thank you for an amazing 7 weeks! I have learned so much about myself in this short amount of time! If you would have told me 7 weeks ago that I wouldn’t be thinking about him constantly or being depressed and crying every day I would laugh! Which I think I did when you told me on our first call! I feel much stronger within myself! I know now how to treat the next person I’m blessed to be with! I hope it’s him, but if not the next person will have a completely different person than I once was! I see such a difference with my kids! I’m not on edge like before and snapping at them for the least little thing! We are spending much quality time together and it just blesses me more than you know! Again I just wanted to say thank you! I can’t wait to tell you when we get back together!!  I am where I am supposed to be and I’m happy with where I’m at and from here I will just live in the moment and take one day at a time with being happy for that time! You have one amazing program June! I will forever be great full to you and to the ones that made sure you were placed in my path!! 

                          Amy 4/8/20


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